Thursday, September 26, 2019

Final Project Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Final Project - Term Paper Example Time management is the other key aspect for managing a project, which is where time estimates are given for various aspects of the project, and the project manager must continually monitor the time estimates to determine if they are accurate, liberal or conservative. Cost management is similar to time management, and this is where the costs are maximally reduced, so that profit is maximized. Quality management is the next knowledge area, and the way to measure quality is smart, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Communications management is where the stakeholders are apprised about the project with status updates, minutes of meetings, reports on deliverables, etc. Human resource management means that different team members are brought in, according to their expertise, during different specific moments in the schedule. Risk management is the increasing of the impact and probability of positive risks and decreasing negative risks. Procurement management is the process of det ermining what to procure and when, and this is where bids are solicited and sellers are determined . And integration management ensures that various elements of the projects are properly coordinated. This might involve making trade-offs among competing objectives and alternatives (PMI, 2013). These processes and knowledge areas will be applied to the situation at hand, which is a project where a data center will be moved for the customer who is Fiction Corp. Incorporating PMBOK Into the Final Project Initiating the Plan The first part of the plan initiation would be assembling a team that has the expertise that is necessary for this project. Since this project would entail a large amount of technical expertise, the team should consist of IT professionals which specialize in the different areas which are demanded in this project, as well as network managers and security professionals. Also, because the network is to be upgraded, the personnel to accomplish this also must be selected. Also, what must be determined is the implementers who need to be involved with the requirements and the design of the project (PMI, 2013). Then, going through the processes, the next step would be planning the project – the key objectives here would be time constraints and budget constraints, and the objectives would be to move the data center with a minimum of disruptions, upgrade the network and security of the data center. Because it is imperative that there be as few disruptions as possible, it is also imperative that all of these implementations occur in a timely manner. Therefore, when the next process occurs, which is executing the process, and people are coordinated and resources are also coordinated, the people who are coordinated must be informed of the main objectives of time and budget constraints, along with being informed about the details of the project. The resources which are amassed also must deal with these aspects of the project. These are all the three p rocess which go into the initial stages, because the other two projects – controlling process and closing process –

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