Saturday, February 8, 2020

Compensation and Labor Relations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Compensation and Labor Relations - Assignment Example Notably, effective collective bargaining improves labour relations. The most common approaches to bargaining are the traditional or adversarial approach and integrative or win-win bargaining (Sharp 98). The process of collective bargaining has always been adversarial in nature and this has always caused rifts in the organizational decision making process. In this approach to bargaining, both parties involves, usually the union and the management, present their own agenda and have no idea of each other’s problems. It is a give and take approach to negotiation where one side’s loss is another side’s gain(Carly 198). Another way in which labour relations and collective bargaining can be carried out is through integrative approach. Integrative approach strives for mutual understanding and it concentrates more on the goals and concerns common to both parties. Here, both parties clearly understand the issues and solve the problems jointly and as a result, both of them will gain mutually as there will be equitable solution. Integrative bargaining aims at creating solutions that satisfies the needs of both parties (Carly 198). It demands that each side be aware of the issues affecting the other side. The labour union and the management provide a list explaining their needs and so the discussion is based on the possible ways to meet those needs in manner acceptable and beneficial to both parties. This approach to collective bargaining is very positive and it is commonly used in many modern union-management contracts. Many workers are not satisfied with their jobs and in most cases it is because of low wages. Notably, workers who are dissatisfied with their pay do leave their job for better opportunities. Dissatisfied workers exhibit withdrawal behaviours such as lateness, absenteeism and finally quitting their jobs. Quitting and seeking job in other factories that pay better is the most

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