Tuesday, July 23, 2019

DQ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

DQ - Essay Example The manager must then supervise them closely and let them know that they are under constant observation in order for them to be productive. The research undertaken shows this to be false. Managers spend much of their time not only directing their subordinates but interacting likewise with â€Å"peers, superiors, and people outside the organization.† It highlights the role of planner, which is often relegated by common notion to the background. Secondly, it is generally taken for granted that a manager’s work is easy and light considering they do not do the â€Å"hands-on† job their subordinates do. They stay in the office at their desks and just wait for results. However, as the study shows, a manager’s job is rarely an idle one. Managers are constantly bombarded with problems, requests, and contingencies to address, often and requiring quick decision-making. Sometimes the elevated position the manager has over a single unit tasked with a single function lends one to believe that he is an expert in his field and thus his tasks is specialized. The study proves the contrary, however, that the typical manage is a generalist, called to address issues and demands of varied and fragmented nature, requiring multifaceted skills – technical, financial, and human relations included. The manager is often seen as a â€Å"navigator† of sorts whose principal task is to plan the details of his unit. It is often thought that the more carefully the plans are prepared and forward-looking activities such as training are undertaken, the less time and effort he spends doing â€Å"repair† management. That just is not so, according to the research. Much of the manager’s activities are described by the study as â€Å"reactive rather than proactive in nature†, pertaining more to adjustments, adaptations, and damage control. This causes

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