Monday, July 29, 2019

Outline the factors which could contribute to employee stress in the Essay

Outline the factors which could contribute to employee stress in the workplace. Discuss what possible measures could be taken to reduce stress in employees - Essay Example Yassi asserts that there are five basic factors that result in workplace stress, these include: factors that are inconsistent with the job, position in the institute, development of career, relationships that are interpersonal in nature and structure of the organization (MINER, 2002, p.344). The first factor is related to an employee’s ability to cope with number of operational working hours, desired rate of production, the environment of the organization that can be seen, and the quality of work expected by the mangers of the organization. For example: individuals who work late at night experience deterioration of health due to sleepless nights. The second factors are related to the hierarchical level of the organization in which an employee is operating. Individuals who are situated at the top level of an organization are expected to experience more stress as their responsibility is much greater than those working in the lower level of the management (BLONNA, 2010, p.53). Fo r example: Those in the top level of the management have to perform several tasks at the same time. The third factor is related to the how secure the job is for an individual and whether there are promotional benefits offered by the organization or not. For example: employees are unsure whether they will be able to keep their jobs if changes in technology are implemented by the organization. The fourth factor of stress is related to the relationship of the employee with other employees of the organization and the management level of the organization. An organization itself is a society where different elements have to interact with each other to ensure that the entire unit operates in a collective manner. If employees do not interact with each other and help each other, work pressure increases and results in stress. Organizational environment is a major

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