Friday, June 14, 2019

Field Trip Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Field Trip - Essay ExampleThe centre featured a bulky screen used for presentation and educative film of space exploration. The Sketch Foundation Gallery captivated our attention and it occurred to me that it would best serve as a point of reference to our field trip. At the gallery, several space planets were on display and among the ones that would capture attention of any visitor was the communication satellite. The scientist rub guide made us to understand that these space satellites vary in coats depending on the main purpose of the use.The enormous size of the satellites was triggering many questions amongst us. The approximate load of these satellites is six to eight tones of metal like the size of a small school bus. Apart from the size and physical appearances, the various parts of the space satellite were intriguing. The major parts included massive rocket propulsion system and its fuel tanks to move the satellite into space, antennas, and large transceivers for radio c ommunication (Miller, 55). In addition, the large solar panels for converting solar energy in space to electricity together with the batteries to store the energy was in addition an amazing combination of energy sustaining system in space. The most important system of communication was the on-board computer processor that served as the brain of the satellite. The computer also served as a storage device for nurture and reception of instruction (Miller, 56). All these parts proved just how amazing the scientific ventures and exploration may go in the space exploration.Despite the size of these satellites and all their parts, the question on my mind was how these satellites managed to stay in space and move around the earth without falling back to earth. Our visitors tour guide who was also a scientist at the center gave us a comprehensive presentation of how the space satellite orbits the earth. The presentation began with an explanation of how

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