Monday, June 17, 2019

Spirtual care in nursing Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Spirtual care in nursing - Article ExampleIn phase 2, they used unregulated focus group interviews to allow the participants to expand on their responses from the questionnaire. The questionnaire was validated by a multidisciplinary palliative care committee, who deemed it appropriate for use. Allen S. and smith maintained a unobjectionable audit trail through the journaling technique. There was a correlation between the questionnaire and the focus group data. Ethics approval consent was sought from the University Ethics Committee. leave was also granted from the hospitals ethics committee in the rural facility. In addition, the participants were assured of independence and confidentiality, and they gave a written consent.In the digest and discussion of the results four major themes emerged understanding spirituality, assessment of spirituality, difficulties and education. Also, study limitations emerged. A focus group interview was not appropriate data collection mode to use in the study. This was evident from the responses in the focus groups that the meaning of spirituality was inconsistent based on the individual understanding and belief. Also, the questionnaire did not provide an fortune to give examples of spiritual care. According to the journal article, it is important for the health workers to realize the spirituality as an important component in delivering nursing care in any setting.Smyth, T, & Allen, S 2011, Nurses experiences assessing the spirituality of terminally ill patients in acute clinical practice, International Journal Of Palliative Nursing, 17, 7, pp. 337-343, Consumer Health Complete - EBSCOhost, EBSCOhost, viewed 15 swear out

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