Wednesday, June 12, 2019

She walks in Beauty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

She walks in Beauty - Essay ExampleAn insatiable urge to k promptly the full details of her peach grips the reader. However, the comparison of her beauty to the night immediately casts doubts, because the conventional attitude in literature has been to compare beauty to something which is bright. This confusion is immediately lifted with words care cloudless and stars. The third and fourth lines of the poem, And all thats best of dark and bright/ Meet in her aspect and her eyes (Byron), give an excellent description of her glorious beauty. Darkness helps the stars to project their refulgence to their best. Similarly, the dark dress the lady wears promotes the glow of her face. There is a heavenly grace, says the poet, in the glow of her face.The poet now tries to convey the record of the lady which her external beauty reflects. One shade the more, one ray the less (Byron) would have made her beauty slightly imperfect. The word grace now replaces the word beauty, because the poet moves from describing the outer features to express her inner qualities. The poet says that the nameless grace/ Which waves in every raven tress only shows how dear their dwelling-place is (Byron). Her thoughts are beautiful, and they are serenely and sweetly expressed through her face. Thus, the poet has succeeded in turning the attention of the readers from their initial impression. They now realize that the lady not only walks with her strong-arm beauty, but also carries with her a graceful soul.In the last stanza, the poet devotes three lines to repeat the greatness of her physical beauty by using the word glow, in stead of beauty, and then spends the last three lines to explain her moral nature. On that cheek, and oer that brow/ So soft, so calm, yet eloquent (Byron) seat the smiles and glow. They speak about her human nature, of her days in goodness spent. She has A mind at peace with all

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