Friday, November 1, 2019

Questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Questions - Coursework Example In addition to this, Chief Judge Dolores Cortez should be persuaded to take action or at least support the new court administrator in implementing this policy. Shrinkage is the result of inefficiencies in the production process and the supply chain. By establishing control procedures, the organization can effectively limit shrinkage. The control procedures will ensure that the processes being employed in the production and the supply of the products are viable and effective. The periodic inspections will ensure that the controls that have been established are being implemented and are effective for the purpose for which they have been established. Maintaining inventories ensures that any sudden variation or problem does not disrupt the production or supply process. In simpler terms, the maintenance of inventory allows for a seamless operation. The murderer that I found was Yasir Abdel Said. This murderer is still at large and the police are looking for him. The man brutally murdered his own daughters (AMW). His daughters were good students and appeared to be leading a perfect life. However, later interviews with friends’ of the daughters revealed that from what the friends understood, the daughters were sexually abused by their father and their social lives were strictly controlled (AMW). The man murdered his daughters after asking them to go out with him for dinner as part of his apology for his prior behavior (AMW). Considering the sexual abuse and the murder of girls in cold blood by their own father, the man, if charged should be awarded the death penalty to protect other members of the community at

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