Thursday, November 21, 2019

Smart Electronic Devices It Can Save You Money Essay

Smart Electronic Devices It Can Save You Money - Essay Example With all the strengthened campaigns against global warming, all industries seem to be keen on going with the hype. But is it just hype? No it isn’t. It’s as real as can be and the campaign for green electronics is just but timely. It is known that consumer electronics are far from friendly to the environment — they consume lots of energy thereby contributing to global warming. Aside from that, they also leach out toxins when they are discarded in landfills. What exactly goes into the category green electronics and why is it so â€Å"in† right now? In this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Greenpeace International toxics campaigner Casey Harrell said that green electronics are those "free from toxic chemicals and excels in energy efficiency and durability† (â€Å"New Electronic Gadgets†). What is so good about green electronics aside from being environment-friendly is that it will be economical. We are talking in the future tense for this one because the search for a truly green product is still on. What we have now are more or less attempts to greener electronics and since the technology is not yet perfect and cost much to manufacture, they are still generally expensive. In the long run though, greener electronics will save us money especially once it becomes the standard. Let us look at some examples. A thermostat regulates temperature according to what is desired. Old manual thermostats can be replaced with electronic ones to conserve energy, thereby cutting your electric bills and saving you lots of money. This way, being comfortable in your home will not cost you much. How so? These electronic thermostats are programmable. Thus you can have it preset to automatically adjust temperature depending on your needs, like when you’re sleeping at night and during morning when everyone gets up. Some models can even be controlled remotely (Corder). Water is easily wasted in running taps especially when used by children. To

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