Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Importance of CSR at Nike Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Importance of CSR at Nike - Essay Example In recent times, it has been observed that expectations from an increasingly informed society are gradually pushing business to prioritize CSR and embrace initiatives that seek to comply with the expectations (Hollender & Fenichell, 2014: p55). This paper seeks to study Nike’s activities as one of the leading sports equipment and wear manufacturer and distributor, aiming to discover whether Nike complies with CSR objectives. The company has faced negative publicity regarding its labour practices especially, which necessitates the objective investigation of its practices to determine whether Nike’s adverse publicity reflects general practice and philosophy at the company. This paper will seek to investigate Nike’s CSR policy, practices that are consistent with this policy, and challenges to their implementation of CSR. Nike’s labour practices in Asia during the 90s were the subject of heated criticism, which threatened their position as market leaders and necessitated a redefinition of their CSR policy. The company put up a multi-functional team at the executive level to drive CSR compliance as a result, allowing for the refining of their production processes to improve environmental sustainability and cut waste (Detienne & Lewis, 2009: p362). They also turned their attention to the workforce and designed a code of conduct for their suppliers so as to ensure their suppliers adhered to Nike’s values, especially in providing healthy working conditions for their workforce. Nike has embraced CSR and tries to impress the same on all their suppliers and retailer, as well. The company also insists that its employees’ internalize their code of ethics and practice it, while also making the same code a benchmark for its suppliers. Its efforts at waste reduction won them the Gigaton Awar d that is awarded to companies in recognition of their carbon emission reduction efforts.

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