Friday, April 19, 2019

Essay of the Korean film my wife is a gangster(2001)

Of the Korean film my wife is a mobster(2001) - Essay Examplenot only revive the Korean cinema with the predominant lineament of gangster movies but also with the concern of gender representations which was something that the Korean movies hadnt seen before.Gangster movies have been a common aspect of the Korean films but the Korean film industry has seen a significant tack since the release of mega-hit movies such as My Wife is a Gangster and My Sassy Girl. These films had changed the perception of gangster movies in the Korean culture as they involved an improved representation of women in the society (Choi, 2010). The film showed a female gangster who is looking for a husband to fulfill the wish of her dying sister. The woman solely ordered her supervisors to look for an confiscate man and when they found one, he is seen teaching her how to behave like an appropriate woman. The female gangster, Eun-jin is usually seen suppressing her husband and avoiding to do the homely chor es that she is expected to do as a wife. She gets gravid and at the same times gets in deeper trouble with her doings as a gangster.Traditionally, the representation of women and gangster movies in the Korean film industry were two different perceptions. Women in Korea were often depicted on a lower floor the patriarchal conventions and were seen in movies such as romance or comedy. Even though My Wife is a Gangster saw women in a tough image, the overall representation of women was still seen from the male perspective not only in Korea but in most of the Asian countries. The Korean gangster films including women in tough roles did not tend to detect the misrepresentation of women and these films commonly concealed the misrepresentations of women. Many of the common spectators are unconsciously filled with the movies hidden meanings and their ideologies (Choi, 2010).The critical thinking on the Korean gangster movies until My Wife is a Gangster was related to suited men involved in gangster wars that had commence the highest profiting trend for

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