Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Journal - Essay ExampleI did non particularly like the essay in terms of proving its point with scientific evidence, alone I do agree with its basic argument that rational punishment, even and particularly in the form of the occasional spanking, is practiced for a childs well-being as its replaces the p arent in the role of authority.I piddle been interested in the creation of alternative power for a long time and braid generators are one of my major areas of interest. I have my own concerns regarding them, such as what will happen to jumper lead patterns like the jetstream if enough of these towers are erected. I base this opinion on the effects that have taken place at Niagara Falls as a result of the construction of large buildings that prevent the wind from doing its job. The author uses logos combined with authority to argue his three main points against wind power, indicating that these are non exclusive of any other concern but merely some of the more pressing issues t hat essential be addressed. I liked the article because I thought it was very straightforward in its video display of facts and concerns while not getting too detailed for the amount of space available.This essay was of interest to my behavior because I am at least as affected by the capitalistic world I live in as the author of this story. The difference is that he is able to get away to a silent retreat when he wants to and I am usually pretty much trapped deep down the noise and bustle of the city. I dont have a cabin to go to but I can certainly appreciate the value he places on his. The author uses pathos and simile to create a mood of quiet celebration of something that we usually take for granted. By appealing to the emotions of his readers and associating the move fall and the sounds it makes to a festival, the author is able to foster a sense of appreciation for the free rain that still

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