Saturday, April 27, 2019

Response paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Response paper - Essay ExampleAlthough the demise of the Aztec empire opened up the New World for European settlers, it is a tragic event when seen from the viewpoint of the natives. Their millennia long indigenous finis and civilization was abruptly and most violently cut short by the foreign conquest. In my opinion, quite than merely being a historical fact, this tragic facet to this historical episode should serve as a warning for contemporary politicians and policymakers, and make them realize that greedy ventures lead to humanitarian losses. I would exchangeable them to understand that while Spain and later European contingencies benefited from this conquest, from broader perspective humanity was the loser.A nonher aspect of the maintain I was most impressed with is its objectivity. Although author Miguel Leon-Portilla was trained in western scholarly tradition, his analysis and presentation does not betray this fact. At the same time, the empathy shown toward the disadvanta ged Aztecs is matter of fact and not melodramatic. In this regard I like the subaltern approach adopted by the author in constructing history. I appraise this book for features such as these. The extensive research conducted by the author is overly quite impressive. Not lonesome(prenominal) did he peruse primary sources for gathering evidence (which are in indigenous Aztec language), he also gives numerous cross references for further study, which is useful for college students like me. The detailed list of bibliographical entries at the blockade of the book is another handy feature.As I read through the book, I was able to appreciate the effort that went into researching this book. For example, previous to this work there was scarce scholarship on pre-Columbian culture in Mexico and the Americas. This book fills that void that its value cannot be overstated. The author also succeeds in bringing lots

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