Thursday, May 9, 2019

Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Communications - Essay ExampleThey traded with each other established bonds of unification and friendships with each other and built future plans with each other. Although tensions were often seen among these tribes, these were eventually resolved through their traditions. I also found out that the Europeans brought to the shores of North America devastating diseases which practically wiped out a long chunk of their population. I found out that even before the actual colonization of North American by the Europeans, the inborn Americans were already negatively affected by the diseases which the Europeans brought to their people diseases which they had not defence against.In my opinion, inhering Americans and their history are often overlooked by the media, except for special programs such as this video because the media does not want to acknowledge the fact that our colonial and European ancestors caused much devastation to the Native Americans. To talk about and discuss the Nati ve Americans and their prosecute is a startling reminded of the unfair deal which Native Americans have been exposed to since colonial presence in North America. And further acknowledging the current deplorable plight of the Native Americans in the media will also bring the attention to the issues of the Indians which have yet to be addicted sufficient attention by the media and the Americans in general.Based on what was discussed in this documentary, young whites who embrace criticize and hip-hop market-gardening are incisively making fun of and ripping off black culture, hardly like earlier generations did with Blackface. Blacks claim that the whites seem to be stealing everything from them, including their culture. The assimilation into the rap and hip-hop culture by the young whites does not seem to come with a deeper understanding of its foundations. The blacks believe that the young whites just simply mimic the culture they do not

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