Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Essay --

John Dalton, J. J Thomson, Earnest Rutherford, Niels Bohr and Louis de Broglie are just a few scientists that have helped to create and shape ideas on what an atom and its components are. Dalton was the first to develop the modern nuclear speculation, although much of his theory is still true today, Daltons theory has not proven to be one hundred percent correct. So what does that mean everyone who has been learning Daltons theory? That they are all wrong? That they shouldnt learn from his theory anymore? Exactly. And why would you when Earnest Rutherfords latest, improved and more precise atomic theory is what everyone is using now.John Dalton is the scientist credited for proposing the atomic theory, the law of constant composition and the Law of Multiple Proportions. This theory explains several concepts that are relevant to our knowledge of chemistry in todays society. This includes what a pure gold necklace is made of, what makes the pure gold necklace different than a pure si lver necklace, and what occurs when pure gold is mixed with copper. Daltons theory consists of...

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