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Public law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Public jurisprudence - Essay ExampleHis past record has shown his tendencies towards committing felo-de-se payable to the above mentioned mental state. Community concomitant & attitude Mr. Imran has received no support from his community and was in constant danger within Iran (his internal country) and within the UK (where he is currently residing). Recently Mr. Imran has been asked to leave his accommodation. Background of Mr. Imran Mr. Imran had been accused of promoting lively rights in Iran, which has direct to his departure from Iran to the UK. Capital punishment for the offence in Iran is the death sentence. Mr. Imrans house was subject to a raid by the Iranian Authorities in the year 2009, which became the reason for his fleeing to the UK. Statements of Facts Mr. Imran had to flee from Iran as he was in fear of his life. Promoting gay rights within the UK is not considered offense. Mr. Imran does not have either past sorry record. The client has been mentally disturbe d due to the nature of events. He has in 2010, attempted to commit suicide when his partner was caught in Iraq. He is currently seeking help from Government of the UK, in the form of Asylum. unalterable terror looms around Mr. Imrans life within Iran, not lone(prenominal) from Iranian Authorities, but withal the Iranian society. As Islamic law prohibits promoting gay rights, and whatsoever individual found guilty would be given death sentence. People also consider such person as outcasts and have war-ridden attitude towards such person. Issues to be Addressed For Consideration of His Asylum Application in the UK 1. Is the applicant all threat to the Government or to the people of the UK? 2. Could the applicant live a tolerable life, if he is do to return to Iran? 3. Had the applicant openly disclosed his sexuality, what would have transpired? 4. Presence of indorse suggesting that the applicant is sexually gay? 5. Was the applicant concealing his sexuality because of the s ocial pressure or was he concealing it to avoid prosecution? Brief Summary of Replies for the Above Questions- Clients Perspective Since the applicant is himself a victim and does not hold any criminal record, he does not pose any threat to the UK Government and its people. He can submit facts about his relation with his partner and can also take assistance from previous affiliations, if he had any with the gay community or social working groups. He can easily provide evidence of ill treatment from the Authorities and communities towards gays in Iran, by providing cases of people who had been already acquitted with such charges. It is close impossible for him to return to Iran and keep his sexuality discreet and live a normal life. Summary of pertinent Statuary Provisions According to the laws of United Kingdom, a person will only be granted asylum if he is in the UK. He is a person who is either a refugee or an individual who required International protection. The individual in any ground is a threat to security, or he has not been convicted for any serious crime, or does not present any threats or dangers to the society of the United Kingdom. all individuals application in such matter, if denied and the individual due to denial has to leave to a country where that individual is threatened for his life falls within trespass of Geneva Convention. In the United Kingdom, grave harm comprises of the capital punishments like execution, torturing, unlawful killing, harsh treatment, which disgraces or, degrades an individual. Any threats which can

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