Wednesday, May 15, 2019

DEAF REFLECTION #2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

DEAF REFLECTION 2 - Coursework ExampleThe writer tries to envision if the whole world was a bilingual community where everybody was taught sign language in the same manner they were taught how to speak using their tongues This is an grand notion as people were be able to communicate easily with their and extended family of the Vineyard society. This convey that in that respect was no language barrier, and by proxy, no social barrier in this society. The writer acknowledges that there were no difficulties that the desensitize(p) children suffered on the Vineyard as the society acted as an extended family for them. From childhood, one could entertain families where one or two children in the family were deaf so this would not be a study concern in another child was born deaf. The deaf children stood a better of continuing with their direction than students who could be able to hear. This is evident when the writer claims that the recommended period of instruction in Hartford wa s five geezerhood but education for the deaf was available up to ten years.On social aspects, the deaf on Marthas Vineyard married freely. Though the number of children that were born deaf was quite racy and in an alarming rate. The deaf were also able to be independent as they were able to adopt a living of the talents and skills they had for example a carpenter. With respect to families, the fertility was higher and there was much analogy between the children who are born when hearing and those who were deaf. The Vineyard was a safe heaven for the deaf. However s time went by things started to change, to them deafness was treated like a stigma ans something to be hangdog of. In schools, other student do fun of the deaf students as the student who could hear made fun of them and nobody wanted to learn sign language anymore. This forced the society to open schools for the deaf and lead to a total split-up of those who could hear and the deaf in the society. A perception that t he society tends to affect up to

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