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Asian-Americans and their Progress towards Essay

During the many years of the continuous immigration of various nationalities in the United States, it could be noted that many immigrants have already absorbed the culture that Americans have. One of the many ethnicities which had migrated in the United States is the Asians. In the current society of the United States it is known that these groups of people are one of the many ethnic minorities that is housed by the United States. In fact, many of the families of the past migrants have now stayed in the United States had had lived their lives similar to full blooded Americans. However, although most of these immigrants have already acquired all the culture, the language and life style of the Americans it is still not enough for the society that they would be called Americans. On the other hand, the Asian-Americans like other ethnic minorities in the United States are somewhat confused to on the proper identity that they must maintain. One of the main examples of the uncertainty is the Asian-American popular culture which presents evidences regarding such group in the society. In the current popular culture, it is noticeable the many of Asian-Americans had been inclined with certain identity which could be very noticeable in the choices of their consuming behavior. In addition, personal choices such of the music, clothing style and etc. In the written work of Min Zhou and Jennifer Lee (2004), they have clearly stated that the Asian-American youth is directly seen by the American culture as not fitting to the popular images which are most associated with the current popular culture. Such popular cultures that are being discussed were being rap artists, skin heads, punks and the likes. For the longest time, Asian-Americans are seen as stereotypically geek who only focuses directly on their studies instead of being socially active. (Zhou & Lee, p. 1, 2004). Many of the Asian-Americans are obviously shying away from these concepts of being geeks and nerds. Instead, they follow the popular culture and act similarly to the demands of the American society. First and foremost, we could see that many of the Asian-American youth are more inclined to look like a gangster rather than a typical Asian-American. In many television shows and advertisements, there are numerous Asians who steps away from the light that they are individuals who are very serious in being successful that they study very well. Due to the very advanced technological innovations that we have such that of YouTube people could truly see that Asian-Americans are truly absorbing and creating new a type of culture when it comes to music. One of the best examples is David Choi who is known to be a Korean-American. Choi is singer, songwriter and guitarist on his own channel in YouTube. As noticed, Choi is very far from the typical stereotype of Asian who shies away from the crowd. After attaining success and massive support from different individuals he was able to have his own album. Instead of being the stereotypical Asian-American, he proclaims and continuously re-invents his music to suit his fans and the current trend in the society. In the film industry there had been few individuals who are known to be popular in the United States due to the certain film which they have done. One of the most famous Asian-American is Lucy Lui who played one of the Charlie’s Angels. In the movies, it is not often that an Asian-American plays a â€Å"kick-ass† role and presents her self as a strong assertive woman. In the stereotypical eyes of most Americans, Asian-Americans are simple and mostly quiet and demure because this is how they are culturally trained. However, due to such character played by Lui, the concept of how and what a woman should be (through an Asian context) is changed. With such, the Americanization of the Asian woman is clearly seen through the portrayal made by Lui. (â€Å"Is Lucy Liu a Heroine or a Curse? †) In terms of music, an article was written regarding the sudden boom of the Asian-American artists in the music industry. In the article, the author stated that various American-Asian artists are suddenly emerging into the music scene within in various localities in the United States. Most of the tunes that these musicians and artists play are mostly western music when do hip-hop and R&B, as well as a DJ in various clubs. Such artists were Yellow Peril, Seoul Brothers, Mountain Brothers, and a lot more. These artists are said to have gained significant success and a symbolic presence of the developments of the Asian-Americans (Wang, 1998). Therefore, Asian-Americans were already able to join the band wagon of having the same musical preference as the Americans. In addition, they are not only listening to type of music Americans hear but also imitating or innovating towards a new genre of music. In the most current popular culture many Asians are excelling in the freestyle dancing, break dancing and etc. (Tseng, 1998) From the lessons that we have taken, it is known that through consumption and consumerism that the factors of living is defined. From my own personal point of view, I do believe that consumption is a cultural issue that must be deeply studied due to the various concepts attached such as social class, cultural norms and etc. Cultural consumption is also affected by advertising as well as the culture of being brand conscious rather than quality conscious. I have stated this due to my personal experiences as a consumer. As I have observed in the super markets most of the time people spend so much time in thinking on what type of brand they would buy. Just last week I needed to do my grocery when I saw a Filipino woman and her son in the cereals and oats lane. She meticulously surfs for the proper brand of cereals while her son stated that â€Å"Mom, why are we staying too long in this section? We don’t really eat cereals for breakfast. I want rice. † Then the mother replied, â€Å"No darling, rice is too heavy for you, studies say that it could cause diabetes. And your playmates eat cereals every morning so you should also eat cereal. † Being in a class that studies such concept of culture, I was amazed on how real the concept of Americanization is. I do know that most Filipinos prefer rice for breakfast because it is a custom meal for them everyday. But through my first hand experience, I did see that people who are not Americans are in need to attain cultural citizenship in order for them to be accepted. Although I do believe that Asians are accepted in the American society, the acceptance is not as whole in comparison to being a white American. In a sense, the mother who was with her child in the grocery would want her son to be culturally American that she is shifting the norms which her son know in order for him to be suitable in the American society. Just like the story presented in â€Å"Consumption Fantasies of Upward Mobility,† Richard wanted to move away from the typical concepts of Asians. Therefore, Richard wanted to be a professional who is likely to be the choice of a typical American who works inside the office. In addition, there is a concept of attaining the â€Å"American Dream in which most important thing for Asian-Americans. Moreover, due to the desire to attain such, they also want to be treated like Americans. As a result, they act and absorb the American culture and norms which they believe will grant them cultural citizenship (Hee Park, p. 112, 2005). In conclusion, the current Asian-American culture is still in the process of attaining acceptance in the American society. In addition, they want to change the stereotypical concept that most of them are geeks and losers thus, the Asian-American community is shifting towards a much western culture. The community is not only doing such in order to be within the trend of the popular culture but also to be accepted and not discriminated by others. In terms of consumption, it is real that it is one of the factors which could justify the Americanization of an individual not only Asian-Americans. Through decision making and choosing what type of product must be used is obviously dictated by the society around them. In addition, professional choice is also an aspect the shows that Asians are Americanized or desires cultural citizenship. Like one of the most famous saying stated: â€Å"If you can’t beat them, join them. † Reference Is Lucy Liu a Heroine or a Curse?. GoldSea . 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