Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Outline of the U.S. Economy

Outline of the U.S. Economy This free online textbook is an adaptation of the book Outline of the U.S. Economy by Conte and Carr and has been adapted with permission from the U.S. Department of State. CHAPTER 1: Continuity and Change The American Economy at the End of the 20th CenturyFree Enterprise and the Role of Government in America CHAPTER 2: How the U.S. Economy Works Americas Capitalist EconomyBasic Ingredients of the U.S. EconomyManagers in the American WorkforceA Mixed Economy: The Role of the MarketGovernments Role in the EconomyRegulation and Control in the U.S. EconomyDirect Services and Direct Assistance in the U.S. EconomyPoverty and Inequality in the United StatesThe Growth of Government in the United States CHAPTER 3: The U.S. Economy - A Brief History The Early Years of the United StatesColonization of the United StatesThe Birth of the United States: The New Nations EconomyAmerican Economic Growth: Movement South and WestwardAmerican Industrial GrowthEconomic Growth: Inventions, Development, and TycoonsAmerican Economic Growth in the 20th CenturyGovernment Involvement in the American EconomyThe Post War Economy: 1945-1960Years of Change: The 1960s and 1970sStagflation in the 1970sThe Economy in the 1980sEconomic Recovery in the 1980sThe 1990s and BeyondGlobal Economic Integration CHAPTER 4: Small Business and the Corporation The History of Small BusinessSmall Business in the United StatesSmall Business Structure in the United StatesFranchisingCorporations in the United StatesOwnership of CorporationsHow Corporations Raise CapitalMonopolies, Mergers, and RestructuringMergers in the 1980s and 1990sThe Use of Joint Ventures CHAPTER 5: Stocks, Commodities, and Markets Introduction to Capital MarketsThe Stock ExchangesA Nation of InvestorsHow Stock Prices Are DeterminedMarket StrategiesCommodities and Other FuturesThe Regulators of Security MarketsBlack Monday and the Long Bull Market CHAPTER 6: The Role of Government in the Economy Government and the EconomyLaissez-faire Versus Government InterventionGrowth of Government Intervention in the EconomyFederal Efforts to Control MonopolyAntitrust Cases Since World War IIDeregulating TransportationDeregulating TelecommunicationsDeregulation: The Special Case of BankingBanking and the New DealSavings and Loan BailoutsLessons Learned From The Savings and Loan CrisisProtecting the EnvironmentGovernment Regulation: Whats Next? CHAPTER 7: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Introduction to Monetary and Fiscal PolicyFiscal Policy: Budget and TaxesThe Income TaxHow High Should Taxes Be?Fiscal Policy and Economic StabilizationFiscal Policy in the 1960s and 1970sFiscal Policy in the 1980s and 1990sMoney in the U.S. EconomyBank Reserves and the Discount RateMonetary Policy and Fiscal StabilizationThe Growing Importance of Monetary PolicyA New Economy?New Technologies in the New EconomyAn Aging Workforce CHAPTER 8: American Agriculture: Its Changing Significance Agriculture and the EconomyEarly Farm Policy in the United StatesFarm Policy of the 20th CenturyFarming Post World-War IIFarming in the 1980s and 1990sFarm Policies and World TradeFarming As Big Business CHAPTER 9: Labor in America: The Workers Role American Labor HistoryLabor Standards in AmericaPensions in the United StatesUnemployment Insurance in the United StatesThe Labor Movements Early YearsThe Great Depression and LaborPost-War Victories for LaborThe 1980s and 1990s: The End of Paternalism in LaborThe New American Work ForceDiversity in the WorkplaceLabor Cost-Cutting in the 1990sThe Decline of Union Power CHAPTER 10: Foreign Trade and Global Economic Policies An Introduction to Foreign TradeMounting Trade Deficits in the United StatesFrom Protectionism to Liberalized TradeAmerican Trade Principles and PracticeTrade Under the Clinton AdministrationMultilateralism, Regionalism, and BilateralismCurrent U.S. Trade AgendaTrade with Canada, Mexico, and ChinaThe U.S. Trade DeficitHistory of the U.S. Trade DeficitThe American Dollar and the World EconomyThe Bretton Woods SystemThe Global EconomyDevelopment Assistance CHAPTER 11: Beyond Economics Reviewing the American Economic SystemHow Fast Should the Economy Grow?

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