Saturday, October 19, 2019

Find a newpaper article on wine industry and draw a link to a Assignment

Find a newpaper article on wine industry and draw a link to a macroecnomic concept - Assignment Example The key concept the article deals with is the demand and supply side of the wine industry. In order to gain an in depth understanding of these two mechanisms, aggregate demand and supply analysis needs to be made. This is necessary because the article highlights that other industries such as tourism and manufacturing have also suffered losses in the recent past. The aggregate demand (AD) is the total amount of goods and services that are demanded by the domestic householders, government, private businesses and the foreign consumers at a certain price level. The aggregate supply (AS) is the real output of an economy at a certain price level. AD and AS will change as price level changes and the mechanism that AD, AS varies at different price level in turn indicated the equilibrium real output and the equilibrium price level of an economy taking into account the equilibrium of product, monetary and labor (employment) markets. The article focuses on the macro-economic and micro-economic factors that are troubling the Australian wine industry. The article explores the reason for Australian company Foster’s parting away with its wine business. First, it highlights the many macro-economic factors such as global economic slowdown and strengthening of Australian currency to be responsible for weak sales figures. But the major argument of the article is that the domestic consumption of Australian wines has decreased. The reason is said to be ‘conservative consumerism’ emerging among the Australians. To highlight this new phenomenon the article mentions the rise in sales of cheaper French wine. The figure below depicts change in Pricing and Aggregate supply with shift in Aggregate demand. In the news article the writer supports the decision of Foster’s to dissociate itself with its wine business. As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons given for this step. The reasons

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