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Ethics Game & Reflective Journal Essay Example for Free

Ethics Game Reflective Journal Essay This journal contains the reflection of the Ethics Game simulation assignment. The purpose of this paper is to describe the steps and process that I used to answer the ethical questions involved in two simulation games: The case of the troubled Teen and Policies and Politics. In addition I will also discuss how these concepts relate to my workplace. The case of the Troubled Teen: This case describes the case of an unmarried, 16 year old pregnant patient (RB) admitted to the labor and delivery, accompanied by her parents. Parents chose to limit medication citing personal reasons. The primary nurse (YN) is concerned that the situation may become critical for the patient and unborn baby. The nursing staff is also concerned that the parents may not understand the consequences of their action. The ethical issue in this case is how to ensure safe delivery of the baby and to provide adequate medical care to both mother and baby. The case of Policy and Politics: This case describes one of the ICU patients AT, who is unconscious for few days, was brought to the hospital by his domestic partner. YM, his partner was beside him in the ER but he was not allowed to be with the patient after transferring to ICU. The day supervisor CB prevented Yves from visiting AT. Her actions violated current hospital same sex domestic partner policy. The question her is if the rights of the patient and the significant others have been violated here. Decision making steps I used an organized process to make this ethical decision called the Baird Method, which consists of four steps. Step 1: Identify the issue in the ethical dilemma, and evaluate the evidence. I need to be attentive as to gather all data to determine which issue has to be resolved. Step 2: Identify the primary stakeholders. I have to be intelligent and identify the real issue in the case. Step 3: Use my knowledge, be reasonable, fair, and understand my duty, which focus on the equal rights and remember my role on the impact on stakeholders. Step 4: Develop a situation that has balance and meets the needs of all stakeholders and communicate the decision to everyone involved. Applying these steps to issue of the Troubled teen I gathered all the information from the patient’s chart, went over the care  plan, medical plan and received the bedside verbal report from the outgoing nurse. She was not given adequate pain medicine nor seen by the physician on call because she/he was attending an emergency elsewhere. The stakeholders in this situation are as follows: †¢RB, the patient †¢LB, RB’s unborn child †¢RB’s parents †¢Shift supervisor †¢YN, RN caring for RB †¢The Shareholders Applying these steps to the issue of Policy and Politics: First of all here, I have to identify the problem. There are two issues here. One is allowing the domestic partner to visit the patient and the second one is to make sure that the hospital staffs follow the policy of the hospital. The stakeholders are †¢AT, the ICU patient †¢YM, the domestic partner †¢Staff nurse, M †¢CB, the shift supervisor †¢AF, the director of nursing †¢The Shareholders Ethical Lens used that influenced decisions Lens used in Troubled Teen case: Using the rights and responsibility lens, I could identify my duties as to assure that the care of the pregnant teen is not compromised and for those who cannot speak for themselves. I want to ensure that there is a safe delivery of the mother and the baby is safe. Result lens considers focus on the results we want in our community and how it contributes to the greater good in our community and to greater number of people. I used the action that tilted towards sensibility because I honored the need in this situation to consider parental wishes and aftercare of mother and baby. In the first situation the rights and responsibility lens was first and foremost in my mind. My duty made me to assure that the care of the patient and her unborn baby was not in danger nor the care was compromised especially when someone can’t speak for themselves. I used the result lens to make the care plans and involve the parents in the care of  their child and grandchild with the help of chaplain. In the second situation, it focused on the system and allowed me to incorporate what is best for the system and community, however protecting the rights of both. Lens used in the Policies and Politics case: In this case the use of relationship lens and reputation lens was used. The relationship lens focuses on the processes that systems need an ethical organization. The ethical lens tries to protect the basic liberties of everyone and this situation the domestic partner is to be treated like any other person. However, the reputation lens focuses on assuring that the hospital protocols are consistently followed and in this situation the partner should be allowed to visit his other partner. How concepts relate to the workplace In my workplace I face difficult ethical decisions associated with patient care and the policies set forth by the care agencies. This simulation helped me to recognize my own personal values, such as equality, fairness, compassion, which influences my decision in various decisions. This game helped me to examine the decision making process when faced with the difficult situations and how to make the right decision during any dilemma. The process set up in our workplace might not be ethical one for that particular situation but in this scenarios they were not followed blindly, but the best option was picked to solve them. Identifying my personal values and gaining knowledge of the ethical lenses allowed me to minimize necessary conflict at work and deal directly with the situation. CONCLUSION Ethical issues at work place associated with the patient care can add stress and increased burden on the nurses. The ethical game simulation allowed me to identify the issues and guided me through a systematic approach to solve the dilemma. This exercise helped me to prepare for a situation which will help me to reduce stress and make a sound judgment. The lenses allowed me to gain knowledge and insight to solve the problems.

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