Friday, October 18, 2019

Read Article and watch four hour home Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Read Article and watch four hour home - Essay Example In a very fast paced world and society, individuals have the tendency to become more independently especially when achieving their goals. However, it is still a tested fact that more often a team’s goal is more feasible rather than an individual goal. Like in the example that was given in by those people who participated in the 4-Hour House in San Diego. It is not easy to build a house. There are instances that even if the house has been meticulously built, there are bits and pieces of errors that might cause an accident during the building process. Yet in the event that occurred in San Diego, it just proved that nothing is impossible when people unite and work as one towards a common goal. For teams to be united there should be no barriers as to the extent how an individual will cooperate to achieve the goal. According to DAndrea-OBrien and Buono (4-6), the output should not be based on an individual’s contribution to the whole task. It is still the team who should be given the credit as all of the people involved have exhausted their energy and collaborated with their peers to achieve the success of the common goal. It is the team’s goal that is put into consideration and not the heroic stands of just one individual. Still looking at the example of the 4-Hour House, nobody was a superhero. The success of the whole record-breaking event was credited to each and every individual who put their hearts, souls and mind to the whole project. The development of learning teams, however, requires managers to rethink their role, achieving a balance between status as the "expert" and a coach facilitator. They must encourage team members to build a psychological contract among the team members. This contract states team members’ strengths and skills, expectations both for the results and the process they will follow, as well as a set of norms

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