Monday, August 12, 2019

Air Power Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Air Power - Assignment Example The first, fundamental tenet emphasize on attacks on the enemy that a state is fighting. Bombardment must be programmed to occur before the enemy has had a chance to strike. It thus focuses on striking first that would ensure maximum defense. Secondly, there is an emphasis that the planes used for striking or fighting should function in all climatic conditions throughout the year. Thirdly, fighting or bombardment must be done during the day. This would ensure precision that would be aimed at hitting the targets. The fourth tenet is that the training of the operation crew members. It includes those in space and those on the ground that are concerned with the maintenance. The fifth principle entails destruction of the property of the enemy. This involves key areas of the economy such as factories, steel mills, and aluminum plants. It would also include military airbases and even airplane factories. These are the key areas which if targeted, would weaken the enemy completely1. The sixth principle concerns integration of activities that are concerned with bombardment. There should be fighters in the airspace and those on the ground who must coordinate to achieve a certain goal. The seventh principle entails protection of the bombing operations. This would be for the purpose of eluding modern pursuit by the enemy during the bombing action or just immediately after the action has taken place. The eighth principle involves the setting up of facilities that are concerned with carrying research on the latest equipment for fighting. This would ensure efficient carrying out of activities by the troops and in the least time possible. The ninth principle involves a combination of efforts of the ground and air forces. This would provide the necessary support required for the achievement of objectives2. Finally, air power is a complex process made up of various activities such as maintenance team, air

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