Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Epidemics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Epidemics - Essay Example For example, the fear about epidemics is growing in Nepal at present because of the recent earthquake. Many of the people in Nepal are still struggling because of this earthquake. Majority of the people in Nepal are living in open streets at the moment. These streets are not much clean at the moment because of earthquake. Diseases or epidemics can develop in these streets at any time. It is difficult to control or treat an epidemic once it occurs. There are no effective methods for the treatment or controlling of epidemics. Each epidemic may have different characteristics and different control measures are required to prevent them. In any case, vaccination is the first method of prevention of spreading of epidemic. Once, the epidemic starts striking an area, all the people in that area should be vaccinated first. Moreover, people in the affected area should be educated about the necessities of taking precautionary measures that prevent the spreading of the epidemic. The victims should be advised to wash their hands with soap and water or alcohol based hand cleaners before taking foods. Victims should be advised to avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes with dirty hands. Moreover, the victims should be advised to wear face masks in order to avoid breathing of contaminated air. Epidemics are severe diseases that can spread within a short period to much wider areas. It is caused by natural disasters and changes in the ecology. Victims of epidemic should be given vaccines first and they should be advised to take control measures such as washing hands before food and wearing mouth

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