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History assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

History - Assignment Example Even in events where stable states arose, they did not match the sizes and authorities of the Ottoman and Ming Empires. Portugal and Spain were the most expansive and populous European states in the sixteenth century. Portugal had a population of 1million while Spain had a population of 9 million. The Ottoman Empire had a population of 25 million loyal and dedicated citizens (Tignor and Hague, 2007). This gave the empire an upper hand in penetrating other kingdoms and states in the West and the East to spread Islam. Ottoman’s assault on Central Europe and Balkans and invasion of Croatia and Hungary in 1492 and 1493 marked the beginning of serious conversion attempts of the West to Islam. The invasion was so voracious and threatening that the French invaded Italy to try spread their crusade against the Ottomans in the territory. One of the methods used by the Ottoman Empire to lead a successful conversion was the adoption of administrative practices that unified the large empir e. Mehmed, the ruler of the time made Istabul administrative capital of the Ottoman Empire and adopted Byzantine administrative style thus incorporating the powerful families of the Byzantines to the empire. Using the effective administrative system, the ruler and his successors expanded the territories of Ottoman Empire and eventually seized Greece and Balkan (Tignor and Hague, 2007). ... The Western merchants became so worried at the successful use of port controls to capture the capital by the Ottoman that they never thought it would ever be possible to gain riches from Asia via the traditional overland route. Ottoman’s strategic use of geographic points denied the West of their riches and merchandise, thus weakening the states. Invasion became easy and thus they were able to spread Islam. Unlike the Christian crusades that wielded their dynastic dominance on the power of the sword, ottoman dynasty was centered on sound religious foundation. The Christian crusades used excess force to force to convert the people they targeted with the crusades. The crusades gained a false tag of â€Å"holy wars†. There was practically no choice of staying out of the crusades. The battles divinized, and Pauline metaphor, â€Å"fighting for Christ† became a rule. At first, the adventures appeared to have a humane focus as the initial military sacerdotal orders dem anded high ideals of chivalry, charity and medical care for the wounded. Grand and petty political intrigues often overrode these well-intended acts (Tignor and Hague, 2007). By the time the Fourth Crusades began, the Papal authority had lost control over monastic knights. Innocent III thereby excommunicated Templers. Ottoman dynasty that spread Islam, on the other hand, centered on religious ideals. The Sultans combined warriors’ ethos with unshaken devotion to Islam. They claimed to be the shadows of God on earth and took it upon themselves to be caretakers of the welfare of Islamic faith. Efforts of the Ottomans to spread Islam in both the West and the East were successful because of the ruling elite’s ability to win favor of diverse populations. Unlike the Christian Crusaders, the Ottoman’s capture of

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