Thursday, August 1, 2019

Project Management Processes for a Project Essay

In the pursuit to deliver exceptional product software for internal users of the company, the selection of an appropriate process methodology is imperative. One of the departments noticed that the input data in the company’s internal systems did not reflect the actual data in other department systems. A project team was developed to create a new upgraded system that will sustain data from both departments successfully and accurately. The project scope of the project was to focus on the characteristics of each department particulars and merge into a workable system. The project posed certain obstacles that made the decision to which methodology processes to implement an important one. Some of these obstacles were one of the department’s incoming data that did not take the same route compared to other departments to enter the main database. This posed a problem to making sure that the updated software was able to obtain and sustain the data correctly. In addition, the findings had concluded that this particular issue was one of the main reasons for the discrepancies in the old system. The actual discrepancies of data incoming into the old system automatically would cause misrepresentation across all departments that ended up causing quite of confusion. Therefore, the need to use the appropriate process is critical to ensure that the most difficult obstacles unknowns to most would need to be addressed effectively. The process chosen was from the Project Management Institute that uses the concept of Initiate- Plan – Execute – Control – Close to complete the project. The PMI process demonstrated all the areas of focus to better identify, resolve and complete the needed tasks successfully. The usage of the processes created an opportunity to interact with the team members more directly on specific areas that are yet defined. Due to the complex implementation of technology software that needed to communicate data from two different vantage points, the PMI processes methodology allowed for means to dissect certain components effectively. The first stage of the PMI processes to initiate is actually a way to develop a research agenda, in order, to detect any unforeseen issues or concerns. The research is an area that allows all team members to address certain concerns of the project. The IT department played a pivotal role in providing their vantage point of the technology side for a measure to meet in the final analysis. The research initiative provided an opportunity to see thru the different points of view from a technical aspect that could be misinterpreted thru a different means of project processes. The research format provides the initiation to deter any misconception previously connected to the IT department or other departments that could create road-blocks. The PMI process to beginning with the initiating of the project allows for the identification of all criteria’s leading up to subsequent phases. Therefore, the activity definition went hand in hand with the research portion of the project because it reinforces the identification of the desired deliverables to stakeholders. Thereafter the focus on planning allows for the findings from the research to be a smooth transition to designate on whom, what, and when to go further. The actual planning stage assists in being able to separate the tasks from the dependent tasks to ensure completion of the deliverables. The planning stages reinforce the documented data thru the initiation for any pitfalls in successfully implementing a major system upgrade that will support over 5,000 employees. The planning phase guarantees that the next phase of execution by the team members will be conducted in an orderly process due to the initiation on researching the project. Furthermore, the control phase will secure a means to not go over budget on a major and complex project due to initiation previously set in place. The close of the project will assist in the control phases due to the ability to pull all resources together in a timely matter and on target.

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