Monday, August 26, 2019

How has education and sports contributed to who you are today and how Essay

How has education and sports contributed to who you are today and how it will effect who you will become - Essay Example However, my academic life had not been affected by my participation in sports activities and competitions, because I always wanted to do well in both my studies and sports. The fact that I focused equally on sports and education helped me develop a high level of personal discipline from early years onwards. Since my parents allowed me to play when I was a small child, sports had in fact become a part of my daily life. I did learn to accommodate regular exercises and practice every day no matter how busy my schedule was. My school years did in fact provide me a lot of opportunities to be trained under excellent instructors. The special training programmes were very useful for me, and they were scheduled either early in the morning or in the evening, before or after class hours. Since I had been used to rigorous training programs since my early childhood, it was never a problem for me to dedicate quality time for academics and attend all the classes. In fact, the sport activities did help me develop a healthy mind in a healthy body, which did prepare me to utilize the maximum of time I had for my studies. I realized at school education was an integral part of my growth and development as an individual. I liked everything I was taught in the classrooms. I had been a diligent student who honors classes throughout high school and maintained a 2.5 average. I could connect well with all my teachers and be in jovial terms with my classmates. I learnt about the value of good friendship through my school years. Many of my friends did go out of their way to help me. They shared their class notes with me and spent time to explain the main points discussed in classes that I missed during sport competitions. I had been truly convinced of the relevance of all the subjects I had to study. I believe I have a very balanced personality thanks to my equal interest in

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