Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The New York Public schools and New York Charter Schools Dissertation

The New York Public schools and New York Charter Schools - Dissertation Example Although there is a perception (generally) that the education in charter schools are vastly different than those in public schools, this research seeks to understand whether there is a difference in New York schools. The research will also review the beginning aspects of charter schools and draw a comparison of the positives and negatives of both charter and public schools.... As an example, California initiated a law to in 1992, showed how their charter schools would stay accountable. The Charter School Act for New York State passed in December 1998, allowed for the production of independent self–governing public schools. The law essentially stated that New York charter schools would meet state standards, regent’s requirements, state, health, safety, civil rights, and student assessments just like all public schools (About Charter Schools, 2010). Positive and Negative Aspects of Charter Schools vs. Public Schools One of the largest differences between public and charte r schools is that children are allowed to go to charter schools regardless of where they live. This gives parents and students a choice of schools and they are able to choose a school that they feel is the best choice for their children. In some ways, this action creates a need for public schools to develop more challenging The public schools limit their students to those who live within their specific districts. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) (2011) many charter schools will help to reform public schools but they are limited in scope so they will not be able to foster and entire public school system (NCSL, 2011). When looking at the positive and negative aspects of public schools, it is important to point out that public schools are free and the provide transportation to and from school for the children. Because the school is in the neighborhood, children will attend with their friends. This can also be a negative attribute for public schools if t heir friends include gang members or people who would get them into trouble in some way.

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