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M2A1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

M2A1 - Essay Example Case study one: interpersonal conflict This interpersonal conflict scenario entails two employees of the same organization. The conflict arises from the struggle of promotion and power between the two employees. The cause of the conflict can be attributed to differences in goals, attitudes and values between the two employees. Rick has the informational power to influence the work of John. John relies on interim production reports from Rick in order to accurately prepare summary reports for the entire week. From their working relationship, the accuracy of Rick’s interim reports will influence the quality of output delivered by John to the inventory and marketing departments. The conflict is harmful to the organization since it has led to errors in the summary reports and may also lead to inefficiency of work since John will be forced to retrieve the interim production reports from the main frame computer that has a two day backlog of retrieval requests. The conflict will lead to poor working relationship and hinder teamwork in the organization. Eventually, the conflict will hinder the attainment of the organizational objectives. The conflict is shallow since it entails only two employees and no excessive harm has occurred to their overall jobs (Donohue & Kolt, 1994). ... pective position, but their individual differences such as need for power and status, and personality clashes have led to a conflict in their working relationship (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2006). The second step will entail creating urgency for the need to resolve the conflict through identifying the negative impacts of the conflict towards the attainment of organizational objectives (Donohue & Kolt, 1994). In this regard, the management will identify the errors in the interim production reports, the inaccuracies of the summary reports delivered to the inventory and marketing departments and associated delays in preparation of the summary reports. The third step is creating a favorable conflict resolution environment through enabling John and Rick to cooperate in their working relationship. In this case, Rick must accept blame for the errors in the interim production report and the rude communication to John. Accordingly, John and Rick must openly express their interests on the pro spective position and any negative emotions towards each other. The two employees must be prepared to engage in positive dialogue and offer feedback regards the conflict resolution process (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2006). The fourth step will entail will entail brainstorming for possible conflict resolution alternatives. In this case, the parties will highlight all possible solutions to the conflict. The parties must not avoid the conflict or engage in competition tactics since this will hinder interpersonal relationships and affect the working relationships (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2006). The brainstorming checklist must aim at enhancing cooperation, aligning the individual values and interests and minimizing struggles power and status between John and Rick. Possible solutions include

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