Saturday, August 24, 2019

Shear Testing in Made Ground Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Shear Testing in Made Ground - Essay Example guided by the quantitative risk assessment, backed up by understanding wider issues of projects, including civil and geotechnical engineering aspects. To assess risks properly, sufficient quality data is critical, so there is a need to carry out extensive sampling and analysis. The aim is to produce remediation strategies which will integrate with the overall engineering objectives. Regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency and the local planning authorities has developed links with leading remediation contractors to ensure the viability of options in terms of cost-effectiveness and statutory requirements and environmental practices. Remediation involves physical, chemical and biological methods, including soil treatments. Contamination is defined as a coming into contact something so as to make it impure, unclean or corrupt. It emphasizes effect over cause and implies that some measure of decay or corruption has taken place. Contaminated site is defined as the site that poses considerable risk to the human health and the environment. The contaminated soil functions are endangered because of the impacting of contaminant level. In the local contamination assessment, there were problems that were found. The industrial activities landfills, mining sites radiation comprises the different problems of contamination. The extent are estimated 1.5 million contaminated sites from a preliminary surveys across Europe. Remediation would cost 2,000 million Euro per year all across Europe. Wide contamination extents from limited to strongly polluted; from small sites petrol stations, (petrol stations) to mega sites (thousand of hectares each). Our objective for prevention is to avoid deterioration of soil quality, l oss of soil functions and water resources degradation. One question is: does relevant legislation apply and protect the soil efficiently? Diffuse contamination is the application of acceptable input levels that is generally sufficient for remedial measures. A

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