Thursday, August 22, 2019

E Commerce Homework Essay Example for Free

E Commerce Homework Essay 1Would you say that Google and Yahoo are direct or indirect competitors? What about McDonalds and Macaroni Grill? Explain why? Indeed Google and yahoo are both direct competitors because the both provide the same services such as : email , search ,chatting groups , blogs ,for McDonalds and Macaroni they are indirect since both provide food but of different types which make them compete for different products .   2 . Given the example of Atari and Nintendo games, which one was the first mover into the market and which was the fast follower? What advantages and disadvantages does each one have over the other? First mover: Atari Fast follower : Nintendo Advantages and disadvantages over each other: 1- Atari had the lead for a long period of time and was dominate in the marketplace 2-Nintendo learned from the failure of Atari and was able to take over the market only by doing stuff the Atari company missed out. 3 . Visit and describe its business model based on t he information you find there. Identify its customer value proposition, its revenue model, the marketspace it operates in, who its main competitors are, any comparative advantages you believe the company possesses and what its market strategy appears to be . Also try to locate information about the   company’s management team and organizational structure. (Check for a page labeled â€Å"the Company,† â€Å"About Us,† or something similar). Value proposition: facilitation of transaction ,law search cost ,low item discovery cost Revenue model: Sales revenue model The market space it operates in: toy selling Main competitors are: Toys-R-Us ,FAO schwarz Comparative advantages: provide party organizing services and gift warping services Market strategy: create a brand name, use the good reputation and long history as a proof of good service, and provide good and appealing offers . Company’s management team and organizational structure Buying and Planning, Retail Operations, Marketing, Human Resources (HR), IT, Finance, E-commerce Visual Merchandising and Design, Franchise .

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